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October 24, 2017

Glamlife News from Health site
Glamlife News from Health site
Health Service News for tag - glamlife
» Health centre closed 30th oct

Change to Health centre opening

The Health Centre will be closed all day on Monday 30th Oct
In addition there will be NO GP clinic available on campus either on this day

Health Centre will be open as per normal on Tuesday 31st Oct.

Please contact your GP for any health problems or NHS Direct 0845 46 47
www.nhsdirect.nhs.uk for advice during this period.

For students registered at Ashgrove Surgery who feel they need to see a Dr urgently please ring Ashgrove on 01443 404 444 as there will be some reserved Urgent Bookable on Day appointments available to book

October 18, 2017

Glamlife News from SS News Application
Glamlife News from SS News Application
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» Global Essay Mills Survey

An international research team is seeking your help, by completing a short survey on study behaviours.

Survey respondents’ anonymity is guaranteed. This survey will take you no more than 5-10 minutes to complete.

The survey investigates study behaviours, students’ knowledge, and use, of essay mills, as well as what pressures may lead students to use these services. The outcomes will be used to understand student study behaviours so that the universities can look to provide better educational experiences which focus on honesty and academic integrity. The study is being undertaken across Europe, Australasia and the Americas.


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October 13, 2017

Glamlife News from Counselling Site
Glamlife News from Counselling Site
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» Mental Health ; Universities need to offer more support

A video about student mental health made by Huffington Post for World Mental Health Day


Universities Need To Do More For Students Struggling With Thei…

75% of mental health difficulties develop by the age of 25.

Posted by HuffPost UK on Tuesday, 10 October 2017

10:03 AM
October 12, 2017

Glamlife News from SS News Application
Glamlife News from SS News Application
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» New: Digital Student Mentoring at USW

'Digital Student Mentors’ will soon be available to support new students with advice about digital services and tools.

If you’re not entirely sure how to use all the functionalities in Unilearn, how to submit your assignment online, how bar code submission works, or how to use any other web-based service at USW, you can ask these fellow students for tips. They’ll be available on all campuses from 30th October.

For more information see the Digital Mentoring web page on the Student Mentoring UniLife Channel.

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October 9, 2017

Glamlife News from Counselling Site
Glamlife News from Counselling Site
The Wellbeing Service News for tag - glamlife is about »
» World Mental Health Day 2017

World Mental Health Day

Tuesday October 10th is World Mental Health Day! Join in the conversation about mental health and help reduce the stigma. Mental Health is everyone’s business! #WorldMentalHealthDay & #WMHD17

Mental Health affects us all. How we think and feel about ourselves and our lives impacts on our behaviour and how we cope in tough times.

It affects our ability to make the most of the opportunities that come our way and play a full part amongst our family, workplace, university, community and friends. It’s also closely linked with our physical health.

Whether we call it wellbeing, emotional welfare or mental health, it’s key to living a fulfilling life.

There are a wealth of different resources and ideas on how you can get involved on the internet:-

World Mental Health Day film show

As part of World Mental Health Day on October 10, USW will be showing A Beautiful Mind in TRB001 in the Brecon Bulding on Treforest Campus.

The showing runs from 4.30pm until 7.30pm.

The 2001 film, starring Russell Crowe, is an American biographical drama which is based on the life of John Nash, Nobel Laureate in Economics.

The story begins in Nash’s days as a graduate student at Princeton University. In the film, Nash begins to develop paranoid schizophrenia and endures delusional episodes while painfully watching the loss and burden his condition brings on wife Alicia and friends.

The film lasts just over two hours. Time has been built in for post-movie discussion.

More details are available from karyn.davies@southwales.ac.uk

October 6, 2017

Glamlife News from SS News Application
Glamlife News from SS News Application
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» Celebrate International Coming Out Day with Spectrum

On Wednesday 11th October, between 12.30 – 2pm, Spectrum would like to invite staff and students to come to the Meeting House in Treforest to listen to 'coming out’ stories from Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay and Transgender staff and students.

About Spectrum

Spectrum, the LGBT+ Staff Network is a group of USW staff committed to promoting LGBT equality for all within the university.

We would like to invite our LGBT staff and students to share their coming out stories to mark Coming Out Day.

It will be a chance to hear about the problems some of us have faced in our lives just because of how we were born, and it may be something you are curious about listening to.

The event will also include a chance to ask questions you didn’t know if you were 'allowed’ to ask! More than anything, listening to these insights may help you understand a little bit more, or to become more aware of some challenges the LGBT community face.

Your Story

If you who would like to share your story, please contact Rhiannon Kemp. If you are unavailable next Wednesday or are not keen to stand in front of an audience, you can either write out your story for someone to read out on the day, or you can record it and send it for us to play.

We welcome a range of different stories, from hard-hitting to tear jerkers to walks in the park, and it doesn’t have to be your 'first’ coming out story. We are coming out all the time, so you might want to share another one, or a series of ones.

We are looking to organise the same event next year in each campus, but need a bit of support from staff and students in other campuses to make it happen. If you are interested in playing a part in this next year, get in touch with Rhiannon!

Coming Out Day: Background Information

This year is the 29th anniversary since it was first observed. Coming Out Day has always been an opportunity to raise awareness of the need for LGBTQ liberation all over the world.

Here in the UK, we have won many battles to establish LGB equality in the law, but there is still work to be done, especially for Trans and Bi people.

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October 3, 2017

Glamlife News from SS News Application
Glamlife News from SS News Application
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» Food Recycling: Give it a Go!

On average, in every general waste bin / bag in Wales, 25% of the content is incorrectly disposed of food waste. Students, unfortunately, are currently less conscientious than other demographics about recycling food waste.

Megan Wilson, USWSU Acting President said:

“A lot of people are recycling their food, which is great, but we know that there’s a lot more we can do, especially students living in the USW areas of Treforest, Cardiff and Newport.

“Every single thing we recycle can make a big difference to how much energy we can create for student communities, whilst helping Wales become the best recycling nation in the world.

“For example, 32 recycled tea bags could produce enough energy to power a guitar amp for an hour – long enough for the next party at Eclipse Nightclub! That’s amazing!”

Food waste which is recycled in Rhondda Cynon Taf, Newport and Cardiff is sent to an anaerobic digestion plant where it is used to produce methane. This is then turned into energy.

Food waste that ends up in landfill also creates the greenhouse gas methane which is leaked directly into the atmosphere. For the first twenty years after it is emitted, methane is 84 times more potent than CO2 as greenhouse gas, so burning it to produce energy is far preferable to letting it leak into the atmosphere. Not only does it generate energy: it actually reduces your waste’s impact on the climate.

What can I recycle?

You can recycle any food, and all food waste – but no liquids please. Keep an eye out for these unavoidable food waste items when you’re preparing food:

For more information, head to the Recycle for Wales website

How much energy can my food waste generate?

Just two small caddies full of food waste could generate enough electricity to power a typical home for over one and a half hours.

Here are some more examples:

One pumpkin shell can generate enough power to fully charge 2 laptops
331 tea bags can generate enough electricity for a ten-minute power shower
Half a banana peal can generate enough power to fully charge a smartphone
One food caddy can generate enough power to run a light bulb for 24 hours

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» Guest Author on Campus: Maria Donovan

Novelist and short fiction writer Maria Donovan will be reading from her work in the Moot Court (TC13) on October 6th 2017 at 6.30pm. All are welcome; admission is free.

Maria Donovan is a prize-winning author known for her off-beat short fiction. Her first book was a collection of ultra-short stories, Tea for Mr Dead, followed by collected stories in Pumping Up Napoleon (Seren).

Her new book, The Chicken Soup Murder (Seren), is a psychological tale about a hidden murder and the loss of loved ones, told by a boy. It is her debut novel and was a finalist for the Dundee International Book Prize.

Maria studied English at the University of Glamorgan and taught creative writing at this university for nine years, until 2009. She is from Dorset and has spent equal time in England, the Netherlands and Wales.

Facebook Event

'A thoroughly original, startling and very good novel indeed.’ – Fay Weldon

'A beautifully written debut, with characters to fall in love with.’ – Danny Wallace

'A lovely, warm-hearted novel about love and grief.’ – Francesca Rhydderch

'In her debut short story collection, Pumping up Napoleon, Maria Donovan emerged as a writer of controlled economy, power and originality. The Chicken Soup Murder shows she’s just as intelligent and entertaining in the long haul of the novel… It’s fresh, suspenseful and tantalising.’ – Christopher Meredith

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October 2, 2017

Glamlife News from SS News Application
Glamlife News from SS News Application
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» Parking at our Pontypridd Campuses: Queues Expected on Tuesday 3 October

We are expecting a large number of students on the Treforest and Glyntaff campuses tomorrow (Tuesday 3 October) and on Tuesdays in the coming weeks.


Where possible we would encourage you to look at options with car sharing or using public transport on these days to travel to campus.

Should the car parks become full and have to close, we will be directing students and staff to a car park on Sardis Road (CF37 1DU).

New Shuttle Bus Service

A minibus shuttle will be running tomorrow and throughout October between Sardis Road and the Glyntaff and Treforest campuses. The shuttle will operate Mondays-Fridays from 8am to 7pm, departing approximately every 25 minutes.

If traffic is heavy in the area or there are queues to get into the car parks we would advise you to go to the Sardis Road car park, which costs £2 per day to park.

Study Spaces

Over the coming days we will also be providing additional space for students who are using The Zone in Lower Glyntaff. Staff will be on hand to direct you to these additional spaces should The Zone become full.

We are also altering the existing quiet study zone area in the Glyntaff library to be a social learning space between noon and 2pm daily to provide further spaces for you to access at these times.

If you have any queries, please speak to your local Advice Zone.

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September 29, 2017

Glamlife News from SS News Application
Glamlife News from SS News Application
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» Instructional Sports Classes at Treforest Sport Centre

Instructional courses including pole fitness, archery & climbing start next week at the Sport Centre.

The Sport Centre runs 13 weekly different instructional courses, all of which are designed to help you learn and develop new skills. Courses run for between 2, 3 or 5 weeks and must be booked in advance.

Prices depend on your membership level. They are cheaper if you are a member.

For a full list of courses available please visit the Sport Centre website

Spaces are limited. Book at Sport Centre reception.

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